Quantum groups and Invariants of 3-manifolds, Spring 2022

This is a course that I am teaching at the Yau Center at Tsinghua University in the Spring 2022. The lectures will be on Tuesday 9:50-11:25 AM, classroom 6A211 No.6 teaching building (the same building as last semester). The first meeting is on February 22. Here is the syllabus.

The course will be taught in person and it will be translated by zoom. Here is the zoom link (Attention: the link changed on March 14): zoom ID is 8922264912 and the password is: 202112.

On May 7 and May 10 classes will be on zoom the usual time with the same link. Class on May 7 is instead on the class on May 3.

The recording of lectures can be found in


Below you will find Lecture Notes for the class.

Some time I am late to post notes. Doing my best to be on time. There are raw lecture notes. They are full of typos and they are a work in progress. Lecture 15 on June 7 is the last one. On June 14 we will have a concluding discussion and I will answer questions.

Starting from last week classes are on zoom. Here are notes that I made during zoom lectures:

The final exam is here: